About Me

 Welcome readers!

I’m Alice, and I am currently a BA Photography student, embarking on a study and experience year abroad. The first half of this saw me living in and studying Fine Art in the beautiful city of Groningen in The Netherlands which I loved. The second half has seen me travelling and creating projects looking into communities across the world.

The two biggest loves in my life are travel and photography (to see my photographic blog and professional portfolio check out my site alicesophieart.com), and pairing them together, and I am fortunate enough to be able to pair the two together, developing my passions into a career. My main focuses in my practices are on community, culture, and identity, and travelling lets me experience this all over the world and observe what links us all together.

Its not always going to be beautiful and the stuff dreams are made of, everything has its rough points, and I’m not going to show it through rose tinted glasses. What would we learn if everything in life flowed perfectly? No matter what happens, its going to be one amazing adventure.

Make sure to keep posted and follow the blog to see new posts!


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