Treat Yo Self

Travelling on a budget does not mean that you have to rule out all luxuries. True, travelling in itself is a luxury and I’m pretty damn excited to do it however I can with the money I have. That does not mean however that I am not partial to a few little treats here and there, which is something I tend to do in life a lot. Maybe a little too frequently…

Back on track! With travelling I love staying in hostels and eating at local warungs for example on my current trip in Bali. They are the cheapest and the most fun and sociable, especially when travelling solo! And the warungs definitely have the most delicious, local and authentic food you can find – won’t see me stepping in a MacDonald’s for a cheap quick dinner. But sometimes you want to experience that little bit of luxury. And you can! Admittedly its easier here due to how cheap everything is (for example, dinner at a waring is about £2-3, and the most expensive dinner I have had here which included a bunch of cocktails came to £23), compared to travelling in Europe but these tips can apply anywhere just make them work for you!

  • Take a spa trip! Travelling can be tiring and lead to achy muscles from lugging stuff around everywhere, take a break for a while at a spa. There is something for every budget, here in Kuta for example there is day spas everywhere, you can get an hours massage for under a fiver. Or for a more luxe experience check out my post about my trip to Karsa Spa.
  • Lounge out on the beach! Rather than get sand in your toes and bikini, rent a lounger for the day. Take plenty of water and entertainment with you! Most lounge hires are linked with beachside bars and restaurants so if you want to treat yourself to a cocktail, it can get brought straight to you and you won’t have to lift a finger!
  • Splurge a bit on a fancier meal out. Whatever it is you a partial too; seafood, steak, sushi have a good look for somewhere near you that has rave reviews. Obviously Trip Advisor is a great place to start, but Zomato is another great app that can help with your decision making. They even show menus so you can see where fits your budget. Places along the beach are great for a treat yourself dinner, especially if you head there around sunset!
  • If you are travelling for a long time all in hostels, see if you can afford a hotel, even just for one night. Having a room to yourself and a double bed and your own bathroom is one of the best luxuries when travelling and staying in hostels. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just clean and a good location or whatever you can afford! If you are in Bali/Indonesia, home stays are another great choice, cheaper than a hotel and just a fraction over the cost of some pricier hostels.
  • This tip is not something I done due to lack of time, but something I looked into a lot. If you want to experience the peak of expensive luxury, a lot of high end hotels offer day passes. This includes use of all facilities and often includes drinks and food in the price. I was looking into taking advantage of this at the W Hotel in Seminyak, next time!
  • Stick to a budget! This doesn’t mean being too strict on yourself and having a line you won’t cross each day when it comes to spending money, but just think about it. Don’t go out for a drink every night, get cabs when you can walk etc. Divide your money roughly for your stay, then you can work out when and where you can treat yourself. Or like me, give yourself a few days at the end of the trip to push the boat out a little bit more.

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