A Morning at Ubud’s Top Rated Spa

After posting on my social media platforms that I paid a visit to Ubud’s Karsa Spa the other day, got so many replies and messages about how amazing it looked and from people travelling in this area saying they are going to pay it a visit. So what is it like to visit the most popular (according to trip advisor and other online sources) day spa in Ubud? In short, the best spa experience I have had.

Although  I had always planned to visit a spa in Ubud for the traditional Balinese massage, I came across Karsa by accident as there was a video featured on its flower bath on the Culture Trip Facebook page. Immediately I headed to their site to make a booking, which was where I first realised how popular they are. After some email exchanges back and fourth I grabbed the last free spot of the week, not at the most ideal time when factoring in the trek to get there but I took what I got.

If you don’t want to pay out for a a taxi to get to the spa, you have a nice little trek along Campuhan Ridge Walk out of town. This is a great way to start the day seeing the beautiful countryside and villages surrounding Ubud. It is only a short trek, coming to about 4km including the walk through town from my homestay. But, be prepared to be very exposed to the Sun as there is nothing but an occasional tree to shade you so take water!

Due to my excessive planning I arrived 20 minutes early to my appointment (thats 20 minutes before the 15 minutes they advise you get there early). Thinking I would be left waiting a long time, I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeting and invited into the seating area and given a drink, and the form to fill out and products to choose from. I went for the Lulur Vegan Delight package. This includes an hours Balinese massage, half hour scrub and body mask treatment, and half hour flower bath. I got to point out any areas I would like focused on during the massage, the massage oil, and the scrub. Before I knew it I was going through to the treatment room.

I was taken through tranquil gardens with ponds and water fountains, with the whole spa set in amongst a rice field. The spa room was completely private, with everything in one small room, the treatment bed, bath and shower. Although perfectly private, designed in a way so that you are in some sense still outside in the garden setting and not in a stuffy room.

All the staff were the perfect mix of personable and professional. When getting the massage, I felt comfortable and encouraged to say if it was too hard or too soft, and ask for any water and tea that I wanted. The time very quickly flew by and before I knew it I was getting ready to experience the infamous flower bath. Personally, I am not a huge fan of baths. I love having them every so often, but want to get out after about ten minutes. However, when the half hour was up this time I dragged it out for a extra five minutes. The smell was incredible, and the bath was completely blanketed in beautiful fresh flowers that I couldn’t even see the water.

All of this, and it cost roughly £20, which is how much it costs back home in the UK for a back massage. You can do the walk back, but after feeling so relaxed I didn’t feel like working up a sweat in the midday sun so they called me a cab which cost me around £6.

If I was staying in Ubud longer, I would definitely be coming back here again. Its very easy to see why they are the best spa in town, and I recommend a visit if you are ever visiting the area.


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