Perspective and First Impressions

Greetings from Ubud! Let me set the scene right now;

Its 8pm Friday night, and I am sat outside with some fresh veggie spring rolls and nearly a litre of Bintang beer (all which cost less than £4), its about 30 degrees celsius, I can hear birds chirping and there are cute little lizards running about on the ceiling. I have had an amazing day seeing the sites with a great private guide, and I am loving life right now.

However, it wasn’t always like this.

I have been in Bali four days now, and I have fallen in love with the place and its culture. Tuesday was an entirely different story though. We got lost on the way to my hostel so it took nearly double time. When we got there, the location was not where I thought, and although close to the centre it was a little far out. Don’t get me wrong, the hostel was beautiful, set in a rice field with great hosts. It just wasn’t for me, there was not enough shelter from the outside world and it was very easy for mosquitos to get in. It may seem petty, but being insanely jet lagged and wanting nothing more to sleep, not feeling comfortable sleeping was a big issue. Quickly, I found a new hostel which is lovely, and where I am at the moment.

This didn’t end the negative feel though, the lack of sleep really messed me up. Baring in mind I was up 4am Monday morning GMT, and it was over 24 hours later with about two hours sleep. I frustratingly find it nearly impossible sleeping on planes. I was tired, and was questioning all my decisions. Was I prepared to be alone in a completely different place? What if I got bitten and sick? What if my project doesn’t pan out? In total honesty there was nothing wrong with the trip at all, it was just the tiredness beating me down and making my anxieties flare up. Sleep was non existent that night as well but I didn’t let it ruin my time and headed into town.

This changed things entirely, pushing through the tiredness and panic made me realise that I was fine, safe, and in an amazing place. Somewhere I have dreamed of coming for years and now I am here! Since then there has been nothing but smiles and amazing adventures. I have met amazing people, held monkeys, met local artists, swam in a water fall and drank a speciality local coffee made out of animal poop (possibly the best coffee I have had).

The lesson to take away here? Don’t give up, push through the shitty jet lag stages, go out and explore, immerse yourself in the local culture. Don’t hide away and be negative because you will hate yourself for it. Live you life as fully as you can and take all experiences and adventures when travelling. This sounds super soppy, but its true!

Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page, which is linked to this blog, to see what I am up to daily.


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