Travel Beauty Regime

Anyone who knows me knows I love make up and could spend forever putting it on and playing around with new looks. Anyone who knows me also knows how lazy I can be and can’t be bothered to do anything but sort out my eyebrows for the day.

Whilst when travelling I tend to avoid spending a lot of time on makeup on a day-to-day basis (as to be honest I would rather use that time exploring or sleeping an extra 20 minutes), its nice to have it with me so I can put some one if I’m headed out in the evening or just fancy putting in a bit more effort. Whilst a few years ago I would haul my entire makeup kit around with me, thats not practical and I have whittled my expansive collection down to a few travel must haves that are versatile, easy to pack, and even fit in with the flight 100ml clear bag regulations if travelling with just hand luggage!

One of the most important things when travelling is looking after your skin. Basically travelling can be one of the worst things for it, with flights dehydrating it, different water, harsh weathers etc. Its all a hazard, especially if like me, you have fussy skin that will not tolerate the slightest change. Spend some time before travelling seeing what skincare products work for you, and stick to them! Don’t be tempted to cop out on a cheaper option or travel size cleanser, fill up your own bottle! I have very spot prone skin, so swear by Freederm facial wash and spot gel which are cheap and available in most supermarkets and healthcare stores. My other travel must have is Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturiser, which is also sold in a handy travel size and lasts forever. A good travel tip is to opt for face wipes instead of liquid cleansers. They often take up less space and can go in hand luggage if you are travelling light or want to freshen up on your journey. Chapped lips are also one of the side effects of travelling. Whether the it be harsh winds and cold weather or sweltering heat, you can’t win either way! Pick a chapstick that works well for you, my personal favourites are Eos Balms, or Burts Bees which are super cheap and work wonders.

Packing makeup is hard, not being able to take everything you have to plan it out a bit more, see what you are taking to wear, where you could possibly be going. But I have narrowed it all down to a few essential items that I cannot travel without.

Lipstick is a staple of every makeup bag whether you don’t wear much makeup or wear a ton of it, everyone has that go to colour or pops some on if they are going out. There are two classic colours that I always travel with, a nude and a red. Versatile and go with any outfit. My favourites are Chanel’s Rouge Allure for a long lasting non drying  classic red, and Charlotte Tillbury’s Matte Revolution in Very Victoria. In general, these lipsticks are a great investment to any makeup bag and I don’t travel without them!

Travelling with makeup palettes rather than loads of individual powders and compacts is a lot more efficient too. Less to worry about, and its all in one place. Go for a face palette that covers all your needs, highlighter, contour, bronze – whatever you go for get it in a palette! Some brands even allow you to create your ideal palette. My personal favourite face palette is Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. Eye shadow is another palette option, as with lipstick sticking to versatile shades that go with any event or outfit. I go for the Naked Basics as its small and has everything I need. A liquid liner is also a good addition, I’m a fan of Rimmel London’s Glam Eyes as its small, easy to use and lasts forever and doesn’t budge.

I live for good skin days, and as I mentioned the slightest thing can annoy my face. Sticking with a good primer and foundation for the rare times I put it on travelling is key. Stilla’s One Step Correct primer is great and it provides a good base and evens out any patchy skin tones. MAC Studio Fix is one of the more affordable foundations I have tried which works well and lasts in most weather conditions. Fixing everything, especially in hot humid weather, is always good and Urban Decay All Nighter is the best one – also available in a handy travel size!

As I mentioned before, a lot of the time all I do is my eyebrows – as long as I got them I am good to go! I am a big fan of Benefit’s Precisely my Brow pencil as I have quite sparse eyebrows, and like a fuller and thicker look. This is a super easy pencil to go for and even comes with a built in spoolie brush which means one less item to pack! I am currently growing out my eyebrows though, with the hopes of getting them dyed and shaped which will hopefully make getting ready even easier.

My hair couldn’t be easier. All I take is shampoo conditioner and heat spray. I have naturally curly hair and tend to straighten it a lot when home, so I use travelling as a chance to give my hair a rest and embrace my natural lions mane. Although, I have to be careful when going to hotter climates as I lighten my hair and don’t want it drying out. Taking a few deep conditioning packs will help keep it strong, and avoiding any colouring or root touch ups before travelling.

Obviously, this is all only my opinion based on my skin type and price range, but I hope it gives a good indication of how to pack light when it comes to beauty products! A few years ago I was hopeless at packing light and efficiently when it came to makeup and would haul the whole bathroom cabinet with me, so this is something I could have done with then! Got any travel must haves or tips? Let me know!




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