Take a Break

First things first – long term travel is completely different to a weekend break or a all inclusive resort stay. That is in my opinion of course. But the main difference between long term travel and a shorter trip/stay in one place for example is the time scale of how long you have to see everything. For example, when I went to Rome for five days last summer we was constantly busy seeing and experiencing everything the city had to offer. With long term travel, such as my current month long trip in the Isle of Lewis, you got time to relax and slow down a bit. A month rushing around for no reason is stupid, and will burn you out.

Don’t be go into a long trip thinking you need to be constantly on the move, constantly up early every day, late nights doing it all. Thats the great thing about a long trip – you got time! At the risk of sounding like the Airbnb slogan – you are living the place rather than visiting.

You are allowed to give yourself a few days to rest up. Whether that means sleeping in till lunch time, sunbathing, reading, watching Netflix – whatever! At the start through till the middle of my trip I was always rushing around seeing everything, working and doing everything I could to see the place. That was great, but tiring. When I moved to my new hostel in Stornoway (Heb Hostel) and there was a bath I took one then slept all afternoon and it was bliss. I have had a few more lazy days after that too, and thats fine. I am organised and not missing out.

The preconception that everyday travelling has to be a whirlwind of adventures is wrong, yeah most days of course. But you need to chill out a few days (especially if travelling with others, you may need some “me” time), so you can full enjoy everything.

Have fun, and embrace the lazy days as well as the adventures!


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