Sh*t Happens… And thats OK

After an amazing Easter Sunday sailing a boat and ending the day with a nice festive meal, I had a bike trip to a beach planned for Easter Monday.

Despite having to get used to the bike, and the steep inclines on my journey, it was going great. That was until I reached for my phone to check the time and realised it wasn’t there. Obviously, I spiralled into a panic, and traced by ride back three miles to where I last had my phone out. I was beginning to think it was lost forever, when I saw it scattered in four pieces across the road. It had fallen out of my pocket as I started riding again as I clumsily forgot to do up my pocket zip.

This for me is one of the worst things that could happen, and I freaked out, had to stop riding and went into a full on panic/anxiety attack miles away from town for a good half hour at least. After calming down a bit I managed to hitchhike with my bike back to town. Rushing around tech stores and iCloud to see if it was fixable and if I had lost much.

I still have no idea if its fixable, The state of it, in four pieces I doubt it. And I lost everything on it from my entire trip as I have not had strong enough wifi to back up to iCloud. This includes, work notes, voice recorded interviews, and a variety of snaps.

I panicked, freaked out and gave up on the day and my ride and went to bed in a state. After laying there for a while, I thought “what is this going to solve?”. Yeah, my phone was totally and completely ruined, and I had lost a month of work and information potentially, but what could I do at that time to sort it? I had done what I could.

More than anything I was annoyed that I had given up my ride. So I got back on the bike and headed out again, and despite aching and feeling tired I felt better than I did beforehand. Yeah I am gutted about potentially loosing work and photos, but theres nothing I can do now to sort it. Its sent off to be fixed, so no point dwelling!

This is something I have briefly touched on in a post ages ago about my Scandinavia trip where we was homeless at 1am after arriving in Oslo and had to sleep at the airport and booked the wrong flight. But shit does happen, especially when travelling. Not everything will flow perfectly, and massive things can go wrong. But thats OK, it will teach you lessons. Like triple check information, and make a point of connecting to wifi long enough to back up your phone!

Don’t let all the bad get in the way of the good, do what you can and get on with everything else – stressing and fretting will just make everything seem worse, take it from someone who compulsively panics and goes into anxiety attacks over the smallest of problems and situations!



2 thoughts on “Sh*t Happens… And thats OK

  1. I know how something like that can feel (I dropped my laptop down a flight of stairs while I was at university and lost a load of work I hadn’t backed up!) but at the end of the day. it is just a phone, it could have been you that fell. Material objects can be replaced and work (frustrating as it may be) can be re-done. you still have those memories even if you don’t have the photos but most of all, you yourself are OK.

    Also, good for you for getting back on that bike!


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