Solo means Selfie

Despite the taboo surrounding solo travel, I have so far encountered no problems at all and had the best time. Solo travel pushes you outside of your comfort zone with meeting people, doing new activities and getting to spend more time with yourself. More on Solo travel coming in a future post!

The only thing I have found frustrating so far is that the only photos I am getting of myself are awkward selfies. Don’t get me wrong I love a good selfie, but there comes a time when you want a shot of yourself standing on the edge of a cliff or in the middle of nowhere for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

Now, there is the option for asking someone to take a photo of you, but the majority of the time when I have wanted that perfect shot, there was no one around. Just sheep, and they aren’t exactly camera savvy. Then there is the option of the selfie stick. Are these still a big thing? I haven’t seen one in forever, and I kinda hate them. They will just give me another selfie with a bit more height. Then there is self timer, which I would be up for giving a go, but anyone thats been to Scotland, the Outer Hebrides in particular will know that it is far to windy to balance a phone somewhere, or risk balancing my camera on something. I do have a tripod, but don’t carry it everywhere with me. And then I don’t want it to sink into mud which covers pretty much everywhere – you should see how my shoes are looking!

This hasn’t really gone anywhere in resolving selfie issues. So, my phone is full of awful selfies with a very few being OK and saying “yeah I was here!”.

I am also trying to be a bit creative with photos of myself in places, such as slightly tumblr-esque shots of my feet. Mostly this is to show how much they are sinking into mud/sand/water.

Do you have any solo photo tips? Share them with me!



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