Don’t Put all Your Eggs in One Basket

(Get the Easter post title reference? Eh? Its awful, I know, sorry, ha!)

So, week three of my exploration of the Western Isle is beginning, and onto a new chapter of the trip I go! As with all trips, not everything goes to plan, and once you arrive somewhere new small hurdles crop up that you could not have foreseen, even with all the research prior. This being my first “big” solo trip, I am taking many lessons from this time on the Isle of Lewis.

The plan for this trip was to stay for the duration of the tip in the same place, a hostel in Galson. The hostel is lovely, like a home from home. The experience of staying on a farm is also one for the books, especially this time of year for the lambing season! Its wonderful. But, I overestimated how easy it would be to get around without a car, being quite far from shops etc.

This, and the want to explore the island more, a change of scenery and the unfortunate need for wifi has led me to move to Stornoway for the remainder of the trip.

The lesson I have learnt here is that you shouldn’t secure yourself to one place, move around and explore a bit more! Especially if you are relying solely on public transport. Hopefully, the hostel I am moving to is as nice and welcoming as where I currently am, which is faultless.

So, if you are going on a long travelling trip check out moving around a bit, getting a chance to explore more. There was the element of research and work in choosing my location in Galson, the place my project is based. But while you have travelled a long way, make sure you see the place!



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