Going Back to Basics

I have Wi-Fi! Hurrah!

I am all settled into my rural location on the Isle of Lewis. However, it was not as easy as I thought. Namely due to the lack of phone service and Wi-Fi. Although there is some Wi-Fi for me to use at the reception of where I am staying, being alone and without any service in my hostel room is harder than I thought. Not for safety reasons, I couldn’t feel safer, everyone is warm and welcoming, and my hosts are lovely. Its the reliance on internet to entertain myself and plan my travels that makes it hard.

My initial plan with this trip was to go internet free anyway, testing myself without a connection to social media to see how it affects me. I am quite annoyed to say it plays a big part in my life it seems. Being alone with no form of communication in the evenings is hard, I mean there is enough to entertain myself with. Its still light at 8pm due to my westerly location, a TV, and I bought art equipment and a ton of books to plough through, as well as getting on with my work. But its laying in bed or sitting watching telly when you nonchalantly check through Facebook or Instagram.  As well as that it makes planning hard. Although the bus service is good and quite regular, having no car makes it difficult and I have to plan my times of going out and exploring. Planning to meet with people on the island for research is also dependant on Wi-Fi.

I am acclimatising to this situation though, despite initially not being able to cope (which I hate to admit). Shocked is an understatement to how I feel about my reliance of technology as I have always argued that we rely on it too much, and that I want to live without it for a while. Well, heres my shot and it was difficult. This just goes reinforces the idea that my generation are sucked into mobile phones and the internet, being too reliant.

This is only going to make my trip more exciting, and let me gain more. In a way using it as experiment on myself and my relationship with the internet and how much do I really need it. So far, not too much. Going back to basics with good old fashioned conversation with locals, bus timetables and maps I am making my way around fine and proving that when it comes down to surviving, life doesn’t revolve around the internet. Which sounds ironic, as I am obviously online right now posting this. Connection to the internet has become a treat rather than a necessity.

Looking back through this post quickly, it looks like a critique of the internet, and in parts yes. I wish I didn’t rely on it so much, and looking around and experiencing life more fully away from a phone screen is a whole lot better. I am finding out I am capable of more, developing important skills which will come in handy when travelling elsewhere, places that no Internet will be harder than Scotland.

In terms of my project, things are going great. Today I have spent my time at the Comunn Eachdraidh Nis, browsing through the archives of the community finding out fascinating local history – and present day information – that is driving my project along nicely. Cannot wait to see what it has in store.

Will post again when I get Wi-Fi to update you on my travels, which I promise won’t be a rant about connectivity.


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