Onto the Outer Hebrides!

Looks like I am getting good at this regular blogging situation! I am posting this from Glasgow Airport on my layover before jetting off to the Isle of Lewis.

I am so excited about this, as it has been a lot of planning and a place I have wanted to visit for a long time. Also, this is my first time in Scotland! So far I have yet to leave the confines of the airport, but I’m still here! Now I can officially say I have been to all countries within the UK.

Anyway! A little about my current trip. I will be spending the month in the beautiful Outer Hebrides, specifically the Northwest coast of the main island, Isle of Lewis. This is the first of a two-trip project exploring culture, how it differs and is similar across the world.

I am also leading on from what I started in Groningen with my art, looking at identity, specifically my own and how different elements alter it. So lets see what happens when social media use is limited, I am travelling alone, and in a completely new place immersing myself in a different culture.

There is going to be so much to share with you on this trip, and I hope to make tons of blog posts and share photos and stories with you all as they happen rather that create a mammoth essay at the end of the tip. However, I am not sure on the Wi-Fi situation where I am going. If there is none, fear not! I will still write up posts, just not share them until I get Wi-Fi. I will however still have 4G on my phone, so do make sure you are following my Instagrams @itsallysoph and @allysophphotography to be inundated with photos.

Hope to check in with you all soon, in the mean time, anything specific you want to see or know about my trip? Let me know!


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