How to Breeze Through the Airport

When I was younger going on holiday, the airport trip was as important and exciting as the holiday itself. I would save tons of money to spend on duty free alone, and spend ages browsing the makeup, perfumes, and designer products I couldn’t possibly afford. It was like another world, magical, somewhere that was fun and got you on you way to your holiday, with all your new purchases in tow.

Now I go to the airport its a different story. I know exactly where what shops are, wheres the fastest spot to fill my water bottle, and how packed each cafe will be if I need a snack. I whiz through duty free because its not cheaper, maybe you will save a few quid but not an excuse to shop for what you don’t need, and I would rather save money on things I can buy at home whenever and spend it while travelling. I find myself now, being frustrated with airports. But when its your 7th 5am airport trip in a month, I think its allowed a little bit, right?

Now I have a little routine set so that I can breeze through without worry and as less stress as possible, and get off on my trip! Here are some pieces of advice I live by at airports;

  • Plan how much time you need at the airport. General advice is 2 hours, but in some cases you could need more or less. If you are checking in bags in a peak travel time, maybe a bit more time could help. If its a small airport and you only have hand luggage at a off peak time, 2 hours could leave you bored. Plan in advance.
  • Get your liquids all ready in the clear bag before you leave for the airport, then pack somewhere convenient to grab. I put mine at the top of my carry on case so I can grab them quick.
  • Take a water bottle with you. All the cafes and restaurants will happily fill it up for you, and a filter bottle will also come in handy while you are away. But make sure its empty before you get to security! Other wise you will have to down it and rush to the loo!
  • Need food? You are allowed to take food through security with you so you could take a packed lunch. Or, make sure you have enough time to grab something before your flight and eat it without shovelling it down super fast and feeling uncomfortable on the flight. More often than not its hard to get a seat in the restaurants, so if its just a snack or sandwich you are after, take it away to the seated area.
  • I mentioned this in an earlier post, but having the boarding pass on your phone (if it is an option) is great. You can keep your phone in your pocket and get to it easily rather than fumbling around for a paper print out in your bag.
  • If you need have a boarding pass, luggage ticket or any other paperwork – specifically for the flight – keep it together! Either in a clear plastic filing wallet, or a handy travel wallet. I have a travel wallet, and its super handy. Stores my passport if nothing else! I got mine free with an Interrail ticket, but most places sell them around holiday season, and Amazon has literally anything super cheap! Its a good investment.
  • Keep an eye on your time and when your gate opens! Head there straight away if you can, saves a last minute run. Also, some airlines don’t have enough space for all luggage in the overhead so if you are towards the back of the queue they may ask you to store it on hold. I personally would rather have it with me, means no waiting around when you land.

Hope these tips are useful to you if you also find yourself bored with airports and want a stress free visit! Do you have any tips and routines when you fly or when you are at the airport? Let me know!


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