Return to Sweden

So, after my last trip to Scandinavia in October who thought I would be back again? Well when one of your best friends is over there its hard to avoid!

This time I headed to the city of Karlstad, which is just over two hours away from Goteborg on the train (one thing I can’t fault Scandinavia for is the train services!). As with my trip to France the other week, I was interested in looking at cultural differences and the student lifestyle for my current photography/research project. This was helped by staying with my friend on Campus.

One thing I remembered from Sweden previously is how expensive everything is. And I can’t work out the currency conversion for the life of me, which over the weekend I got told to divided everything by ten so that makes it a lot easier. This time the budget was tighter, but not having to pay for accommodation and my friend cooking traditional (vegetarian) Swedish meatballs for dinner cut costs. By the time I got on the plane, I had 1SEK left.

Remember how I previously said it helps when staying with a friend as they are your tour guide? This was no exception. As well as seeing all the beautiful nature sights of Karlstad –  Campus is right by the beautiful lake Alstern – I got to experience student life. This was fun, and reminded me of living in halls and flat parties back in first year of uni.

Clearly I am dressed for a toga party

As I previously decided that Sweden is not my favourite place, I was not expecting much, just was looking forward to seeing my friends. But I can fully understand why people are drawn to Karlstad on erasmus, as its surrounded by beautiful nature.

If you are planning a visit to Karlstad, this time of year is perfect if you want snow and cold weather, although a bit earlier on in the year will get you more snow. I am told, that in the summer months it gets extremely hot, so it has the best of both worlds!

The walk to Lake Alstern
Lake Alstern



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