Drinking my way through Dublin

Following on from a trip filled with food and wine to France, then day after I came home I headed to Dublin with dad to celebrate is birthday. This time to drink my way through Temple Bar and take in some culture. Despite going to Dublin back in 2015, I saw a lot this time around that I didn’t previously and got a few tips from this city break!

Of course, not everything runs smoothly all the time and I was long over due something going wrong, and here it was! No matter how much to research and look into accommodation, it may not always be what it seems. This was the case, checking into our dorm at My Place hostel was not what we expected. I have stayed in many hostels before, and got so more booked for this year, but this was a shocker to the point we moved somewhere else. For the price, you would expect better, and hostels usually have somewhere safe to leave your stuff, and this was not the case. Overall there was a feeling of discomfort so we had to move to another hostel a few doors down, Backpackers D1 Hostel. This place was a lot more friendly and welcoming, and despite the broken toilet was a comfortable stay.

Luckily that was the only hiccup!

What I want to recommend if you are visiting Dublin – or anywhere else – is the free walking tours from Sandemans. Despite Storm Doris playing havoc on the weather, the walking tour was enjoyable and covered places and information that really brought the city to life. Definitely book one up if you head over to Dublin. Our tour guide was Ciaran and he was great, giving the best places to eat and drink and not be ripped off by the tourist prices.

O’Neils Pub

Obvious tips for a trip to Dublin is to drink Guinness and Jamesons in their hometown. To make this even better, do the tours! Having done both, I think value for money, and entertainment Guinness tour wins. For food and drink, head over to O’neils near the Molly Malone statue. Its cheap, does tradition Irish food, with live music and a great atmosphere.

Make sure to pull your own pint!

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