I’m Still Here!

Here I am, back with a new post! First of the year, and its almost March… oops.  In my defence, a lot has been going on since this year started, and my plans I left you with in my last post have changed quite a bit. Let me fill you in.

Remember how I was only meant to be in Groningen for one semester, then loved it and decided to stay a whole year? Thats changed again. Despite loving it, and learning tons and making new art, the best course of action for me during this time before my final year of uni (oh gosh) was for me to do the one semester and travel. This means I have covered multiple areas on my year out – including learning, art development, travel, and more all – of which have/will help me develop my practice and help me put all my muddled plans and thoughts into projects which I am so excited about.

So, what else I have been up too these past few months? Other than tying up all my work in Groningen (which I will make a post all about my art practice soon), I visited Amsterdam again for a few days, been meticulously planning all my trips and projects for the year, been to France paying visits to Marseille and Bordeaux, and I just got back from Dublin! All of these things will be followed with a blog post over the coming days to share my travels with you all.

There is so much coming up in terms of exciting travel projects over the next few months and I can’t wait to get back on the plane and head out somewhere new and make art. In the meantime, before I bombard you all with posts, check out my website, alicesophieart.com to see some of my recent work, and keep checking as more will be uploaded soon!




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