So, About 2016

Lets be honest, I think we can all agree that 2016 was a fairly terrible year for most people/the world in general right? I can certainly attest to this. However,  there has been some wonderful moments thrown in too, especially the past four months for me living in Groningen. Here are some of my highlights from this year of seeing the world to show that its not all bad.


A must needed bit of relaxation! April saw me pay my first visit to the small island with my sister, and it did not disappoint. Beautiful hotel? Check. Spa? Check. Cocktails on demand? Check. Beautiful natural wonders? Check. Culture and tradition? Check. Theres nothing more needed on a holiday. Will definitely be paying another visit, although maybe during a slightly warmer month.

12512633_10206461635759855_6053136675541626547_n 12932793_10206427631149761_8305611352665205053_n 12938137_10206443143097550_5777462779244262367_n 13975481_10207201693900846_2261018573904791022_o 13957990_10207201693660840_5834479465784225478_o 13923275_10207201687260680_3045250335641578918_o 13914024_10207201675260380_5691942049160414850_o 13909099_10207201656819919_3529807766412397195_o

Malvern Hills

Exploring the world means also looking outside your doorstep. Paying a visit to the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire UK was a great adventure. Its not often I see much of what the UK countryside has to offer, and this trip has definitely made me want to do more of just that in the future! There is nothing quite like the English Countryside.

13217583_10206660912101639_4444398637511812611_o 13220500_10206660913221667_4763548708540063283_o 13227853_10206660914421697_6458738313364760735_o 13428372_10208477402626805_3596564733777407778_n


After wanting to visit Italy for a very long time, I took the chance to visit in June with my sister (again!). It was stunning, and amazing soaking up the sights, food, and culture. A real whirlwind visit, cramming in everything the city has, colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Vatican City. You name it we done it. Even stumbled across the most amazing gelato shop next to our hotel which we practically lived in while there. Only regret? Not taking my glasses to see Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

dsc_0527 dsc_0179 dsc_0998 dsc_0865 dsc_0500-1 13321934_10206780375248143_5399896540238065151_n 13417678_10206837282750795_6155016355798100249_n


Well, I could talk forever about how much I am in love with this small city, and I will be doing more and more posts on it in the future! But for now I’m going to keep it brief. The experience has been amazing so far, trying out new art practices, meeting new people, and experiencing a new culture and way of living to name but a few things. I have even decided to stay here for a second semester until July, which I will talk about more in the new year! For now, heres a few of my favourite photos from the past four months.

14233255_10207494210733584_8673975224721701898_n 14449910_10207610019748737_9193624278317139225_n 14581362_10207677548236907_1211914780005460638_n 15192753_10208131354461779_5588944310439131814_n 15232129_10208115872914750_5134042648646584688_n 15350630_10208189831683673_7820177536675645314_n img_9697


Well, I covered most of this adventure in a previous post, so will keep this short. Covering three countries in ten days was certainly something, and we was lucky enough to see and do so much making some amazing memories. This trip really taught me a few lessons about travelling and organisation! Namely, research how expensive the places you are visiting are so you can make a realistic budget. So many highlights its hard to pick what was best!

dsc_0949 dsc_0102 dsc_0498 14692162_1103649203045836_2297741991978060153_o

These are just a few highlights from my year, I made so many more great memories and been on countless adventures, big and small. 2016, its been a wild ride.

Roll on 2017 and all the adventures it holds!


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