Christmas in Köln

I know Christmas has past, but as it is still 2016 (just!) it is still there Christmas period, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas holiday. I am back home in England for this, but before I left Groningen I was lucky enough to venture to Köln in Germany to experience their world famous Christmas markets, which really put us in the festive spirit!

Due to our proximity to Germany, we could do it in a day coach trip. It was magical, the markets, five in total I think lived up to their reputation. Set against the beautiful back drop of the Rhine, Cathedral and high fashion stores, it only got prettier as the sun set, with the markets really coming to life.

Glühwein in hand, browsing the stalls stocking handmade gifts and christmas decorations galore, it was magical. Not to mention the food, other than the traditional must have christmas drink of glühwein, we tasted some amazing food, including almond pastries, and raclette cheese.

Although we thought it would be a massive rush getting around all the markets in a day, the closeness and ease of getting around the city made it a breeze, with time to go back and drink more wine after visiting everywhere!

If you have not been to Köln ( or any other German) Christmas market before, I cannot recommend it enough! They are fairly easy to get to from the UK and some other European countries, keep an eye out nearer Christmas for offers on trips. Birmingham Christmas market will never quite reach my expectations now!


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