My Scandinavia Adventure

During my week off from uni I was lucky enough to go on an amazing trip across three Scandinavian countries with some friends. We tackled Norway, Sweden and Denmark using Interrail which I can’t big up enough. Such a good value and easy way to travel across Europe by train. It was certainly an experience, and I have come out of it with a bundle of experiences, stories, and lessons.

Scandinavia is such a beautiful (although damn expensive, I definitely blew my budget!) place, and next on my list is Finland. Rather than swan in and out of hotels and hostels, we “lived like the locals” so to speak, using Air bnb, which put us is the perfect places to explore the cities. We managed to see Oslo, Trondheim, Grimnas, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. My favourites were Trondheim and Grimnas, and I definitely want to get back to the beautiful log cabin in Grimnas soon! There is so much to say that I could rabble on for hours! Instead I will put my favourite thing from each place I visited.

Oslo (Norway)  – For me, I was a little disappointed at Oslo. Most likely down to the less than brilliant start in the city which put me in a bit of a bad mood for a few days. Nether the less, I would one hundred percent urge everyone to pay a visit to the roof of the Opera House at night. Such a beautiful view. Take a tripod and camera too for some great long exposures out on the water.

Trondheim (Norway) – The Northern Lights. A once in a lifetime experience, which sadly we did not experience. The forecast during our stay was “try” (theres seriously a Northern Lights forecast, totally check it out if you plan on hunting out the aurora borealis) so we headed out to the Tiessendammen park/lake hoping for a glimpse. Unfortunately we did not see the lights, but I got to play around with some fun long exposure photography, so still a win.

Grimnas (Sweden) – This place was so beautiful. The lake, the forrest, the log cabin we stayed in. Totally, unbelievably picturesque. I cannot put into words how much I love this place. Visit it if you want a dose of tranquil, secluded, Swedish nature, which everyone needs.

Because where we stayed was super adorable
(Because where we stayed was super adorable)


Stockholm (Sweden) – As a lover of Photography, I adored the Fotografiska Museum which is apparently the biggest in Europe. During my visit there was a rest Anton Corbijn exhibit. And I wanted to buy all of the books, my bank account on the other hand cried. Nearby is a awesome vegetarian buffet which even includes free tea, could it be any more perfect!? Throw in a view of the city for good measure.

Copenhagen (Denmark) – Tivoli Gardens! Going through the brightly lit gates entering the magical land made me feel like an excited little kid again. So many good rides, attractions and shops. The light show is something beautiful. Not to mention it was decorated for my favourite holiday, Halloween!

Remember right back on my first blog post I promised to keep it real and share even the gory details? Well now is time. The trip was not without kinks. First off was spending (the four of us) €200 on a cab. Please, if you go to Oslo, use the trains. They are faster and cheaper. Not a great start when all your money goes on a cab. Lesson two: research how much things cost. I went WAY over my spending budget as I did not realise how expensive Scandinavia is. Also, check your dates when booking plane tickets. And then check three more times. Getting to the airport to fly home when you are poor and tired is even less fun when you realise you have to book more plane tickets. True story bro.

These short horror stories from the trip were totally overshadowed by the amazing memories though, and they are definitely something we can laugh about soon. “Hey remember that time we got totally ripped off on a cab ride? Hahaha.” Like that, but without pain. Soon. It has not put me off seeing the world. If everything was smooth sailing the stories would not be half as exciting.


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