Falling in Love with the Dutch Lifestyle

Its been a long time since my last post, but I can assure you I have been busy! For such a small city, there is always so much going on and to do in Groningen. Never a dull moment! What with discovering the city, getting underway with my Fine Art course, and of course, enjoying the nightlife there is barely a moment of boredom! I have also nearly mastered using a bike to get around. Not to mention how lucky the city has been to have such amazing  weather, definitely been making the most of it before its time to live in sweaters and Doc Martens.

Noorderplantsoen Park

I definitely in love with the Dutch lifestyle, and the city of Groningen. Yes there are things that get to me a bit – mainly missing my favourite English breakfast food Crumpets, and not getting used to shops not being open 24/7 – those moments of confusion and annoyance last seconds. I could go on all day about what I like being here so far, so I thought I would just pick a few of my favourite points to talk about today.

Korenstraat Street

One thing I have noticed is how relaxed everyone here is. Riding through the city at nine in the morning things are still fairly quiet, and even in day to day work/shopping/school life. Everyone here seems so relaxed and at ease, even Monday’s don’t seem so bad! I am naturally a bit of a stress-head and rush around a bit so tend to be early a lot here. Slowly this is getting better though, hopefully the chilled out vibes rub off on me during my stay!

I could barely list a few of my favourites without mentioning the insane nightlife. I have been told many times that it is the only place in The Netherlands where clubs are open till around five – six every morning. Some even staying open as late (early I guess?) as eight am. Seeing as back in England you pre drink around nine/ten and get home by four generally this is a big difference and better. The no-heels casual dress definitely helps staying out all night. There is such a vast selection of places to go as well, bar hopping all night. Shots? Theres a bar for that. Dance music? Got it. Indie/rock more your thing? Its all covered! And super cheap as well with most places doing free entry.

Lastly, this place is so beautiful! From the architecture, to the canals, to the parks. Everywhere you go everything looks Instagram worthy. Theres not much litter and mess around the streets and despite being a city, it feels a bit like a village or small town. Words do not do it justice. I am lucky enough to even get this from my bedroom window, seeing a beautiful sunset over the outskirts of the city and the park. Perfect view to see from bed.

View from my window featuring my little   cactus, no filter needed

I will be back in the near future with more blog posts as I have a lot to talk about! I plan on exploring outside of the city and visiting a few places in Europe over the next few months which is exciting. Tomorrow I am taking my first ever trip to Amsterdam for Unseen Photo Festival which I am very excited to see, as well as seeing how Amsterdam fairs in comparison to Groningen.

Canal near the Minerva Art Academy

To see even more photos, make sure to follow my Instagram account @allysophphotography.




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