Tip One: Always use your Bike

I know I said that I would post before arriving in Groningen, but hey ho, I will get better I promise!

Anyway, hello from Groningen! Despite being here for less than a week I feel so comfortable here already. As I have never experienced Dutch culture before I did not know what to expect, and of course nothing runs totally smoothly so I have had the odd moment where I have thought “this is so different to back home.”. But thats going to happen to everyone everywhere when some place new. Most notably, biking culture. I made the mistake of going out without my bike, thinking “I am going to make the good choice not to take it if I am going out for the night.” I was so wrong, and it led to me loosing my skirt while grabbing a ride on the back of a bike. More of that another time, but that leads me onto my next culture shock.

In England, especially my home county of Essex, everyone dresses up to the nines when going out, and for many girls heels are essential. For a start, biking everywhere in heels is impractical. Personally I would most likely end up falling in the canal. The dress code here is so relaxed on a night out which despite feeling very strange is a lot better. Wearing trainers over heels means many more hours dancing into the morning.

Everything is so amazing, pretty and exciting, o its all a massive whirlwind at the moment. I don’t want to babble on too much in one post, so stay tuned for more!

For now I will leave you with a photo of what I get to pass every day *heart eyes emoji*. Jealous yet? For more snaps be sure to follow my Instagram account which is listed on the bio.




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