Hello, my Name is…

Welcome to my new (sort of, more like revamped, but lets go with new) blog which centres around my two main loves in life, photography and travel. For the next year, I will be spending my time traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures, ideas, and perspectives which I hope to document through the lens and use to inspire my practice. My first stop? Groningen in the Northern part of the Netherlands where I will be studying Fine Art. I have plans after that, but nothing set in stone. As the saying goes “the world’s your oyster”!

Despite having done a fair bit of traveling myself, which has taken me to some incredible, life changing (cliché, I know), places which I will tell you all more about later, I have never traveled so intensively as I will over the next year. Its going to be an incredible adventure, I plan on sharing it all with you, from prep, to places to see, to what I have learn’t and how my photography has changed to everything else. The world is big, and theres always something to learn and explore, so there will always be something to say!

A little bit about me to start off with I guess? I am currently a BA Photography student at Coventry University, where I am fortunate enough to be able to enhance and develop my photographic journey abroad. Other than travel and photography, a few other things I like are dogs, goats, tea (no builders/breakfast teas for me, all about the herbal ones), coffee (black, extra strong), wine, and vinyl.

I do have a bad habit of taking a long time to edit photos and share them, unless I have a deadline. Its been nearly a year since I went to the West Coast of America, and I am only just getting around to editing them all and organising them. Hopefully, this blog will be a good incentive for me to share as soon as I can!

I have a few posts lined up which I hope to share with you all very soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for them, follow my Twitter account, @allysophphoto, Instagram @allysophphotography as well as hitting the follow button on this blog to keep up to date with my latest adventures, work, and more! And be sure to let me know what you think!

Until next time readers,

Ally, x


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